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Don’t Make the Mistake I Made Sending Out Christmas Cards

Transcript from the video:

This is your marketing minute from Ford Push. I just got off the phone with someone who said to me, “Thanks so much for your Christmas card. Did you know you sent it to my wrong address?”. And I was like, wait, how could that be? I remember distinctly going to Google, typing in your business address, and pulling up what it said and writing it down on the card. And he said to me, “Yeah, but that was my address from two years ago,” and that’s when I shared with him the service that I offer for my clients which is called directory assistance.

It basically ensures that your proper address, your proper business name, phone numbers, pictures of your business, any videos you have, specials you’re offering, the hours you’re open is consistent across the Internet and in this case if my friend who also runs a small business had that service going his address would have been correct across the Internet and he would’ve gotten my card a few days earlier than expected. So that’s somethin’ for you to do during this holiday break.

Go out to the Internet, type in your business name, and see what addresses come up, see how your business name is spelled, do you have an LLC behind it in some cases and in other cases not, is there a period after Inc, sometimes there’s not a period, how do your business hours look across the Internet. This is a real simple fix. It’s called directory assistant, happy to help anyone that’s running through this and it will ensure that you get my Christmas card next year right on time.