Who’s the Primary Representative of Your Brand?

The more the public can identify with a brand or business, the better it is for the business marketing video. To achieve that, it’s always best to put a face with a name — or multiple faces, in fact. Because of that, we encourage the primary representative to be in the video. For organizations with a smaller staff, that usually means the owner and/or CEO. However, it’s also a good idea to use a few choice staff members. This provides a diverse look at the behind-the-scenes of your brand and delivers more of the human element that we so often relate to.

However, the cast of your business marketing video should also go outside of your office. Business review sites such as Yelp have proven the power of client testimonials. For a business marketing video, we can take that one step further by providing the real person behind that testimonial. While the information may be the same as a Yelp review, there’s something very tangible and relatable about seeing someone talk about their experience on video. If possible, we always recommend recruiting several reliable and thoughtful clients who can help explain the value behind your brand.