What Video Platform is Right For Your Business?

YouTube and Vimeo are two of the most common video platforms available for the web. However, they are built with different technology, and as such, offer different pros and cons.

YouTube’s biggest advantage is that it’s the most well-known and wide-reaching platform out there. Not only was it the first site to really crack the streaming clip market, it also has the power of Google behind it, which means that it receives added exposure through Google avenues. YouTube also provides advertising opportunities, which may be a good source of supplemental revenue.

Vimeo is a popular alternative to YouTube and it’s favored by a lot of creative types thanks to its higher quality output. Vimeo’s options favor the user, including a premium ad-free option and greater customization capabilities on its player. These options may appeal to you as a content provider, as it offers more ways for your video to be seen the way it was originally intended: at the highest quality without ads.

As to which platform you select, it really boils down to quality vs. quantity. YouTube ensures the most exposure and the most revenue options while Vimeo provides more ways to experience the “true” version of the video. In short, they both have their advantages, and the good news is that both receive enough search exposure and general traffic that you’re in safe hands either way.