New Customizable Tabs Put You Back in Control

If you use Gmail for your personal or business email account, there’s a good chance your email box looks a little different lately – or it’s going to shortly. Welcome to the new tabbed inbox system from Google.

The new Gmail inbox is being dubbed as a way for the end user to have more control over your inbox, but if your an email marketer there are some hurtles that users must jump through to ensure your email will be send.

The new tabbed system splits your inbox into 5 separate inboxes or tabs – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.

While this does make finding an email from a sender rather easy if your email box is full, Google decides what goes to what tab, not the user, making some adjustments needed.

What does this mean for email marketers? It means that your emails will end up in the Promotions tab, not Primary, even though the receiver has asked to receive emails from you. We’re guessing a lot of good content won’t be seen…

How to make sure you don’t miss an important email using the new Gmail tabbed system inbox

There are two ways:

1) Click on the Promotions inbox tab and drag any emails from people you want to hear from to the Primary inbox tab. You’ll be asked to confirm, click “yes.”

2) You can remove all of the tabs but Primary in your Gmail settings. Click the settings icon (the mechanical looking dial), and choose “Configure inbox.” Here you can select what tabs, if any, you want to appear in your inbox.

We have chosen option #2 for our accounts. We appreciate the good intentions but missing an email from someone that we asked to receive isn’t worth the “convenience.”

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By Marc Apple