What to Expect in Atlanta at Everything: Content & Social 2018

Everything: Content & Social is happening in just a few weeks, and we’re looking forward to the variety of content marketing and social media strategies that are about to converge. In an ever-changing field like marketing, it’s important that we keep learning new techniques. The better we learn, the better we can serve our team and our clients.

Here’s What You Can Expect at Everything: Content & Social

Executive Buy-In for Content Marketing with Deana Goldasich

Deana Goldasich of Well Planned Web is presenting on getting executive buy-in for content marketing. As the creative force behind content strategies for multi-million dollar retailers and high-profile brands for over 20 years, she knows what a strategy needs to get that crucial “yes”.

Her session includes topics like assessing the current level of executive buy-in, as well as how to lead the conversation on ROI. For those looking to grow their marketing strategy, this is a must-see session.

Building High-Converting Sales Funnels with Facebook with Jordan Steen

Jordan-Steen Jordan Steen is the founder of Cereal Entrepreneur Academy and is presenting on his proven techniques for using Facebook to convert visitors into customers. Jordan is one of the best in the industry at building sales funnels, so we’re anticipating a packed session.

He shares, “The number one takeaway is understanding how to incorporate the sales funnel flow into your content. Knowing when and how to provide value, social proof, and a strong call to action.”

By taking these three key lessons, you’ll learn how to customize Jordan’s template to create a sales funnel for your company while incorporating it into your existing strategy. For marketers looking to expand their customer growth, this is the person to see.

Using Virtual and Augmented Reality for Brands with Annie Eaton

annie-eaton As an award-winning CEO of Atlanta-based VR/AR company Futurus, Annie Eaton is sharing on how to integrate this emerging technology into your marketing strategy. Brands should always focus on innovation, and VR/AR is one way they can do it.

Annie explains further, “We typically see brands getting started with an internally-fueled technology discovery session. By opening the discussion to internal stakeholders and bringing in a future technologies subject matter expert, so many use cases are uncovered. From that discussion, companies can clearly define the next steps to implementing this technology successfully.”

This session covers topics like how to report on a VR/AR campaign’s success, as well as how to write a brief for interactive projects. Annie is a leader in the industry, and this is an ideal time to learn from her.

Increasing Your Facebook Ad ROI with Marc Babin

marc-babin Marc Babin, perhaps best known as the guy who’s transforming the hospitality industry, is presenting his Facebook Ads tips for increasing ROI. As the man behind the personality-driven campaigns for The Westin Grand Cayman, his session can’t be missed.

Marc explains, “I want people to leave and feel confident knowing that if they follow the same steps or adopt the same mindset I present, that they can start showing real and direct ROI through social. This means spending better, saving money and hopefully giving social more budget and personalized attention.”

You’ll learn how to develop your brand’s story, as well as how to craft a more strategic paid media strategy. Advertising online can be confusing, so this is the session to attend if you’re looking for clarity.

Building a Growth-Focused Marketing Strategy with Kate Richling

Kate-Richling Kate Richling, VP of Marketing at Mediamonks, has led content initiatives at both brands and agencies. Her session of building a growth-focused marketing strategy is centered on using personas and content development for improved results.

Her session covers how to best align your company-wide content development, as well as building user personas. This is an important part of marketing that many companies pass on. If you’re struggling to find a growth-focused strategy that works for you, we recommend heading to Kat’s session.

Social Selling and LinkedIn for Sales

In this session, you’ll learn how to choose your ideal social platforms to close more deals. As social media continues to evolve, this will be a key sales driver for many companies.

You’ll learn how to find the best platform to help you grow online, as well as using your personal network to drive new sales. For those looking for a new sales routine, this session will have it.

Using Content to Create Passionate Fans

We’re excited to see this session on “contagious content”. You know the brands that have the near-rabid fans, and it’s time to create them yourself. When you build a passionate fan base, they’ll do the sharing for you.

This session covers how to create courageous collateral and a brand playbook that turns your products into a social currency. This session is perfect for those looking to bring more storytelling into their marketing.

Heart Over Art with Carmen Collins

Carmen-Collins Carmen Collins of Cisco is sharing why marketers need to stop waiting for social content perfection and instead look at how social media impacts our content. This process involves looking at your content from a follower’s perspective, and Carmen is going to walk us through it.

Learn how content is consumed on different platforms online, and get ready to become comfortable with “imperfect” content. Because that’s what sells. It’s the perfect session for our perfectionist marketing friends. (And we say that in the most loving way possible.)

Telling Better Stories with Derek Lavon Dienner

Derek-Lavon-Dienner Derek Lavon Dienner is the Creative Director and Founder of MAKE Films. As a storytelling specialist who’s passionate about visual mediums, Derek will help attendees learn to strategically craft videos to connect with audiences.

You’ll also learn Derek’s three ways to grow empathy to tell better stories, as well as using personal stories to inspire better content. This is a session for more than videographers; it’s a session for anyone looking to improve their storytelling.

Documenting Your Wins with Brian Fanzo

Brian-Fanzo Brian Fanzo is the founder of iSocialFanz, launching digital and influencer strategies with some of the world’s most iconic brands. He’s also a semi-professional poker player who isn’t afraid to spot your tells.

Brian shares, “Be yourself by why and how you do things not just what you do. People want to come with you, so you must document your wins along the way.” You’ll learn how to break through social media noise, the best practices for social listening, and tips for effective storytelling. This session is going to be lively and we’re looking forward to it.

Leveraging the Facebook Algorithm with Heather Dopson

heather-dopson Heather Dopson of GoDaddy is an advocate for authenticity, which is essential for brands looking to build tangible relationships with their fans. Her session will show you the right ways to leverage the Facebook algorithm.

Learn how to build content grids for improved relevancy, as well as which behaviors Facebook penalizes. For marketers looking to improve their brand’s presence on Facebook through authentic content, Heather’s session is the one you need.

The Power of Social Quizzes with Will Duderstadt

will-duderstadt Will Duderstadt, VP of Digital Marketing of Web Platforms at M/I Homes, Inc. is an expert at capitalizing on trends. His expertise in using social quizzes supports lead generation and viral content, and now we have the opportunity to learn from his experience.

Will explains, “A shareable lead generation quiz for a brand is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to new customers. Much like attending a cocktail party with a room full of strangers; a quiz allows you to start building relationships with a bit of humor, a compliment, and good advice.”

He also warns that it’s possible to get too many leads, so he’ll share how to work with your sales team to better use the leads that are coming through the social quizzes.

Social Media as Native Advertising with Frank Maquire

frank-maguire Frank Maquire, Head of Market Development at Sharethrough, is presenting on how to amplify your paid strategy with open web native ads. As a veteran of the industry, Frank knows how to use the tools available to make your brand stand out.

You’ll also learn how to measure the ROI of your native ads, as well as how to start executing right away through your DSP. This is another session ideal for those looking to improve their paid media strategy.

Looking into the Future with Nicola Smith

Nicola-Smith Nicola Smith, Founder & CEO of Rebel & Reason, has a unique approach to innovation, driven by a healthy amount of rebelliousness, creative problem solving, and innovation. She’s worked with Fortune 500 brands, and is now using her experience consulting and speaking on marketing-related topics.

Her session on 2019’s content marketing trends will push you through the last quarter of 2018 and into 2019 ahead of your peers. Nicola explains, “2019 will be the year when we see our digital and physical worlds collide even more through everything from Voice UI, to Mixed Realities to truly omni-channel content strategy….

“A brand’s success in applying these trends will depend on how well they understand the long term implications for marketing and their business as a whole.”

This session will help you use voice-controlled devices, chatbots, and other emerging technology to better reach your customers. For marketers looking to get a start before January hits, you’ll want to stay until the end for Nicola’s insights.

Digital & Diversity with Sabrina Kizzie

Sabrina-Kizzie In one of the most important sessions of the day, Sabrina Kizzie of Social Media Glamour will share how black millennials matter to marketers. This demographic’s buying power can affect an industry’s engagement and visibility, making this an important piece of marketing today.

You’ll learn how to develop actionable tactics to market to African American millennials, especially on the top platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If your product is reaching this demographic, you need to attend her session.

See You at Everything: Content & Social

Everything: Content & Social in Atlanta is bringing attendees an array of speakers all focused on one thing: helping you set and achieve the right marketing goals for your brand. With this selection of speakers, we know that it’s going to be a day filled with growth, strategy, and creativity. For the full agenda, visit the Everything: Content & Socia website.

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