Google Usage by State

Are there some states that use the Google search engine more than others? If so, why? Online advertising company Chitika recently conducted research to find out.

As you can see from the color-coded map, East and West Coast states including California, New York and Massachusetts were among the top, and more inland, Utah showed an equally strong preference.

Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut, all are power users, while some Southwestern, Midwestern and Southern states showed more use than others in their respective regions.

So why do some states use Google more than others. The Chitika research shows a strong positive correlation with Google search usage and the following variables:

  • Median household income
  • Rate of job growth by state
  • Bachelor degree or higher of user
  • Median age

That means, the more each one of those variables increased or decreased, so did the odds of Google search engine usage.


In their report, Chitika further explained the correlation:

“The correlative analysis provides insights at the overall level; the statistic is calculated using data on all the states. It provides a picture of the trend at the general level. As such, there may be some data points which may not exhibit the trend (positive correlation in our case), but at the macro level, the results of positive correlation are consistent.”

You can read the full report on which states use Google the most here.

By Marc Apple