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Three Simple Tips To Making Your Blog Great

From SEO to customer outreach, blogging is an import part of your online marketing. Once you get that blog engine up and running, you may think you’ve achieved your goal, but the truth is that you’re just starting. Don’t worry, writing regular blog posts doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. In fact, if you’re a small-business or medium-business owner, you’ve got all the content you already need. You just have to learn how to parse it out in blog form.

blog-writingTo do that, all you need are a few simple guidelines.

Answer Customer Questions: How many times have you answered a question about your product or service, then had to answer it again to a different customer? Any time that happens, congratulations, you’ve found a topic for a blog post. Remember, customers are coming to your blog for information about your business. You can use the blog to answer frequently asked questions or preemptively discuss issues. Think of the blog as your direct forum for talking with customers.

Post Regularly: One thing Google and regular people (that is, beings that aren’t search engines) have in common is that they both love regular updates. If you strike gold on a blog post and don’t have a regular follow up, you’ll lose any goodwill the previous post earned. Similarly, Google indexes based on frequency and keywords, and regular active posting handles both of these. 

Don’t Sell: Remember, people are coming to the blog for information. While it’s more than acceptable to announce a promotion on your blog, avoid hard-selling or overuse of marketing speak. That’s fine for advertisements and sell sheets but the blog’s tone should be kept neutral and friendly. Otherwise, you’ll likely turn off readers. Similarly, you can (and should) include a call to action on each post, but make sure it doesn’t dominate your content.

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By Marc Apple

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