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How to Reach Your Customers Through an Email Newsletter

What makes you want to click open an email? Most likely, you don’t want your time to be wasted. And if you’re like most people, you don’t want to hear any sales pitches that you didn’t ask for.

That more or less sums up the best way to approach your email newsletter.

If you want to get people to open and read your email newsletter, you’re going to need to put together content that they find useful. So for example, let’s say you’re a local hardware store and you want to use email to engage your customer base. Sending them useful home repair tips establishes several things:

  • Your emails are worth looking at because the reader can take away something from it.
  • Your store/brand is a subject matter expert that can be relied on for advice.
  • To achieve the repairs in the email, readers can get the tools and materials at your store.

The majority of your email newsletter should be useful or educational information for your target audience. It’s okay to throw in a little bit of marketing spin and one call to action, but keep the tone away from a sales pitch. The goal is to build trust, establish a readership, and generate repeat business from the client. If you’re ever unsure about the direction of an email newsletter, simply ask yourself if you would want to see something similar in your inbox.

At Forward Push, we focus on providing valuable and useful content for the reader. During our initial intake session, we’ll look at your target demographic, brand strengths, and services/products. Our writers will then help brainstorm article ideas that will establish you as a subject matter expert, build trust, and create community engagement.

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