What Pages Does My Website Need?

8 Pages Every Small Business Website Needs

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, episode 170, and today I wanted to talk about 8 pages that every website
should start off with. So, if you are planning out a brand new website for your business here are 8 pages that I think will get you started and on the right path to success.

Number one, a Home page. Yep, seems pretty obvious. Got to have a home page that people can land on and let them know that they
are in the right place.

From there they’re probably going to go to your About page. This is where either you can have your personal bio, you can
have the business bio. You tell a little bit more about your business. So, again, the user knows that they’re in the right place.

Coming up next, you’re going to want to have pages that detail your Services or your Practice Areas. What is it that you do? What is it that you provide? Break it down so the user knows again that you are going to be the best choice for them.

The next thing you can do, and this one isn’t necessarily 100 percent needed, but it certainly does help is an FAQ page. Frequently asked questions. Are there things that you didn’t get to answer on those services pages that you want to make it just super easy for someone to find the answer? FAQ pages are a great way to do it, and most people know to go there right away when looking for a quick answer.

Speaking of answers, how about questions and answers? Great place for blog articles. So make sure that your website has a section for blog articles. A great place for you to share your knowledge, tell people about what you do, answer the questions they’re looking for and have strong calls to actions for them to contact you.

And speaking of contact, that’s one of the last things we’ve got on our list. A Contact page. A great place for a map so people can find directions, let them know what your parking situation is, your hours, your phone number, your address, anything that’s going to help them contact you, including even a form.

And then lastly, two pages that you should have, a Privacy Policy and Accessibility Statement. Let people know what you’re going to do with their information and how you respect their privacy. And then accessibility. Make sure that your site is accessible to all people and have a statement there letting people know that as well.

So there you go. We’ve got our eight sections of a brand new website. Go ahead, run with it. Send me your link to your website. I’d love to see how you’re incorporating these eight pages and more. And I hope you have a great day. Thanks.

Marc Apple

Marc Apple

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