What Makes a Great Website?

Try These 8 Attributes For Your Website Now!

Transcript from the video:

Have you ever landed on a website and been just wowed and been taken back and have said to yourself, “wow”, this is a great website, or maybe you didn’t say anything at all, but your experience on that website as you move through it was great. Well, this is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. And today we’re going to talk about the 8 things that make a great website.

The first thing is to look great as soon as the user lands on your website, you want them to have a feeling of, wow, I am in the right place.

The images look great.

Your photos, if you’re using headshots, look professional.

And anywhere the user turns, they just know that they’re in the right place because it’s a great looking website.

The second thing is having an intuitive layout and navigation. The user just instinctively needs to know where to go when they click on the about. Are they really going to a page about your business. If they click on services, drop-downis there a drop down menu that goes to a page for each of the services you offer?

This is what users expect and this is what makes a great website. The third thing is having a clear message. Make sure that what you have on your website, the text is easy to understand.

Can the person reading it immediately know who you are, what you offer and what you’re all about? Clear, concise text. We’ll do that.

And the fourth thing is having calls to action. You’ve got to let the user know what you want them to do. So do you want them to call? Do you want them to email or do you want them to fill out a form on your website? You have to have these calls to action because that’s what helps make a great website and it also helps people get in touch with you. The fifth thing when it comes to having a great website is making sure that it is mobile optimized.

All of us are on our phones. We’ve got these computers in our pockets, in our purses, sitting on our desk, and we grab them constantly throughout the day and we surf the Internet. How does your website look on a mobile phone and not just the latest phone? What about a few phones back when maybe screens were smaller or maybe screens were bigger?

Your website needs to keep up with the times and be mobile optimized.

Number 6 is accessibility. Is your site accessible to everyone?

Can a screen reader read your website out loud to someone that might have trouble understanding the words? Can a user make the fonts bigger or smaller? Can they change the background?

You’ve got to make sure that your site is accessible to everyone.

Number 7 on our list of what makes a great website is SEO, search engine optimization.

Are you doing just the very basics to make sure that Google and users understand what your site’s about? Are you filling out your title and your description making sure that your URL slug exactly matches what the page is about? That’s just basic SEO and it’s something I encourage you to do if you want to have a great website. And lastly, what makes a great website is not you telling your story, but your customers and your clients. Does your website have testimonials and case studies that show the work you do in the voice of your clients and customers?

That’s what testimonials and case studies will do. So there you go. 8 things that make up a great website. This has been Your Marketing Minute and I will talk to you next week.

Marc Apple

Marc Apple

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