What Is Google’s PPA Box?

What People Are Also Asking

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This is Your Marketing Minute, welcome to Episode 169, and today I wanted to talk to you about the PAA box. People Also Asked.

Now if you’ve ever done a Google search, Google is there to help you. And since 2015, this People Also Ask feature has been around. So what is it? Well, it is a highly successful product when it comes to search pages
and the results that you see in a Google search.

So popular that even Bing has added their own version of it as well.
And even proving that it works and people like it, you are more likely to see this PAA feature show up more times, actually four more times in a regular search that you do, than a featured snippet result.

So let’s jump in.

What is the People Also Ask Box? Well, it’s a box on your search results that show you three, maybe four other questions that people also asked related to what you searched for. So this is great. People phrase things in different ways and we’re all trying to get the same answer.

So Google is helping you out, letting you know that people also asked this question related to what you’re asking, and you might want to check out these answers as well.

So that’s the PAA box. So now that we know a little bit about the People Also Ask Box, as a marketer, as a writer, as a blogger, how do you get into this precious little box? Well, there are four things you can do to better yourself to have the opportunity to be featured.

First 1, when you’re writing, make sure you’re writing in complete question and answer format.

Number 2, make sure that you are using schema question and answer markup on these pages for your blog articles or your website pages.

Number 3, use plain English so that people can just go ahead and read the answer right away and click through to your website and then just doubling up on that, number four, don’t use sales speak. If you’re using sales language, you’re never going to get into the PAA box.

So there you go. Explanation of what the People Also Ask box is, as well as four ways that you can better yourself to have the opportunity to be featured in it.

My name is Marc Apple. This has been Your Marketing Minute Episode 169 and I will talk to you next week.

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