Yelp Isn’t Displaying All My Reviews

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New Algorithm Update is Hurting Local Businesses

Transcript from the video:

Today’s word of the day is Yelp, Y-E-L-P. You might not be using it, but there’s a good chance that your prospects and your customers are. Recently Yelp has gone through and removed reviews. Now this isn’t the controversy over, hey, I don’t pay for Yelp, or I am a Yelp advertiser, this is simply a retooling of their algorithm. And it’s taken reviews down and moved them to the unrecommended section, which is something I’d like you to do today. Go to your Yelp profile, see what recommended reviews you have, see what reviews are unrecommended, write down the number and keep track to see if this new algorithm update is affecting your profile. I’d love to know. Leave a comment and I’ll talk to you soon.]]>