Why You Should be on LinkedIn?

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New Stats Show LinkedIn’s Growth in 2029

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This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and congratulations to LinkedIn. LinkedIn has just announced that they have 610 million worldwide members on the network. 157 million are in the US alone. And some stats to know about LinkedIn in case you are not participating. 40% of their members go on LinkedIn each and every day. So 4/10 people are going to LinkedIn to see what is happening with their connections. Last year 60% increase in comments, likes, and shares. So the people that are participating on LinkedIn are becoming more and more active. And then third, just as a side note, all executives from the Fortune 500 companies can be found on LinkedIn. So if you’re not using it, everyone else is there, I encourage you to create a profile, connect with the right people, and help make LinkedIn even better than it is today.]]>