Why You See What You See in Your Facebook Feed

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New Facebook Update Makes it Easier to Tell

Transcript from the video:

This is your marketing man from Forward Push. And have you ever wondered why you are seeing what you are seeing in your Facebook news feed? Right? You’re scrolling through, you’re seeing all sorts of posts from different people, different businesses. Some you see more than others, and some you never see at all. Well, in order to make Facebook a little more transparent, there’s now a little button on each post, that’s in the right hand corner where you can tap to see why you are seeing this post. And there are a few reasons why you do see things in your Facebook news feed. One would be, it’s posted by a connection. Two, it’s a related interest. Meaning that you are a member of a certain group. And three, there’s other key factors that Facebook isn’t really revealing just yet. But they are going to let us know soon hopefully. So that’s why you are now able to know why you are seeing things in your Facebook news feed.]]>