Why Isn’t My Social Media Working

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Have You Asked Yourself These 3 Things?

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and today, I wanted to talk to you about the three questions that I hear every small business owner ask me about social media.

The first question is always what platform should I be on? Should I be on Facebook? Should I be on Instagram? What about Snapchat? Is LinkedIn good for me? Those are typical questions that I hear from small business owners, and the thing that you need to consider is where your audience is. Who are your customers, and what platform are they using? Just because it’s something that maybe you don’t like using doesn’t mean that your customers aren’t on it.

The second question that I hear most often from small business owners about social media is how often should I post and when? My belief is that it is quality over quantity. If you can only create three great posts every week, create three amazing posts. There’s no reason to stress over trying to create a post for every single day if the quality isn’t going to be what you would consider A plus, and then when it comes to when should you post, Facebook will actually show you when your audience is online. So that’s what you need to be doing. Find out when they’re around, and that’s when you need to post. You can also go ahead and just post, start to look at your metrics, and that will give you a great idea of when is the best time to post.

The third and last question that I always hear is why isn’t my social media working, and boy, that’s a loaded question because there are so many different answers on why your particular social media might not be working. What I encourage you to do is think about your KPIs, your key performance indicators. Why in the first place did you get on social media, and what are you trying to do? Now that you have that answered, what are you doing to reach those goals? That way, you can start to figure out why. Is your social media working, or maybe why isn’t it working?

That’s Your Marketing Minute for today. I look forward to seeing you on whatever social media platform you use for your business.]]>