Why is it Important to Update Your Holiday Business Hours Online

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50% of Consumers Say That Won’t Trust Your Business

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This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and yesterday, I was telling you how I made a mistake. I sent a Christmas card to someone, and in order to get their address, I went out to Google, I put in their business name, I wrote down the address, and low and behold, I was talking to them on the phone, and they said to me, “Hey, thanks for the Christmas card. “You know you sent it to the wrong address?” And, I was like, “No, I definitely didn’t, “’cause I wrote it down and I saw it on the internet.” Well, it turns out that the guy I was talkin’ to who owns a local business, he never went in and updated his new address. So, as I was sharing with you yesterday, and I told him, “We have a service that we do “that takes care of that.” Which got me thinking to what I’m gonna tell you today, is that there was a study back earlier this year from Bright Local, that said that 50% of consumers, if they see the wrong opening and closing hours on a directory listing, do not have any trust in that business. So, Christmas is comin’ up. New Years is comin’ up. You’re probably not working your regular hours. Here’s what I want you to do. Log into your Google My Business profile. Log into your Bing Business profile, and log into your Yelp profile and change your business hours. This will ensure that customers have a good, high level of trust in you, and you’ll have the proper information on the internet.]]>