Why Does it Cost to Host a Website?

Why Does it Cost to Host a Website?

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Hosting is a Necessary Expense for Website Owners

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This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. I’m Marc Apple and I’m going to officially declare that this past week was national hosting week. My week started off with a client telling me that hey, you know what, I’m not going to pay your hosting fees anymore. I went online and I found someone that will do it much cheaper. In fact, they’re gonna make it just free if I bring their website over to them. And then yesterday I was speaking to a prospective client and he asked me why is your hosting better? I’m currently paying about $100 a month and you want a little bit more. Why would I even do that? And then when I got back to my office yesterday one of our partner agencies, UV Designs, had done a video, perfect timing, about shared hosting and if it actually makes sense. So there just seems to be a lot of confusion on what hosting is, why you need it, and what’s the difference between $100 hosting a year and $1,200 hosting a year and sometimes even greater and a lot of prices in between? Well the first thing is when it’s that cheap it means it’s shared hosting and I think Carl at UV explained it perfectly when he said when you think about really cheap hosting think about it like an apartment. What those companies are doing is they’re shoving as many people as they can get into that apartment as possible right to the point where no one’s really gonna complain about their speed or how the site is acting. But here’s the real deal with that. If one of those sites that’s crammed into this litte apartment gets infected with malware or something happens to it it spreads through the entire apartment. Imagine someone in your office or at your home having a cold and how quickly that cold spreads. That’s what shared hosting’s all about. It’s cheap because nobody’s looking out for you. Hosting that we offer and other agencies that really care about their clients’ websites offer a dedicated server. That’s what we have. All of our clients’ websites are on the same hosting platform. It’s the same one where the Forward Push website is and we maintain all of those sites for our client. It’s all done by hand, all updates are done, there’s quality assurance checking that goes into it. So there’s a lot of manual labor and there’s also some just things that happen naturally to make sure the sites are up and running properly, loading fast, people can see them, et cetera and that really is the difference. It’s like putting great gasoline into your car or putting cheap gasoline into your car. Eventually that car’s going to break and you don’t want that to happen. So that’s a little bit about hosting and hopefully that gives everyone a good idea of why things cost money when it comes to hosting and why it’s so important to have someone great hosting your great website.]]>


By Marc Apple

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