Who Spent the Most Money on Ads in 2019?

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This is Who Spent the Most According to AdAge

Transcript from the video:

Looking at 2019 the world’s top 100 advertisers spent over 300 billion with a B dollars in advertising in 2019. If someone tells you advertising is dead, just asked one of these advertisers.

This is Episode 105 of Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and let’s take a look at the U. S. 2019 the brands that spent the most money on advertising. Geico.

Yep, that little gecko was everywhere you looked because they spent close to $1.5 billion on advertising, Coming in at number two, hey, you probably got a package on your door and during the holiday season, and there might be one there right now, Amazon!

Well they only spent a mere $1.2 billion on advertising in 2019. Progressive came in at number three, Verizon at number four and number five Chevrolet. And, of course, number six Apple, the company that I’m using right now to record this video. What are you doing for your business when it comes to advertising?

Yes, You might not have a $1,000,000,000 you might not have a $1,000,000 but there are things that you can do that will be effective when you think about advertising for your business. This has been Episode 105 of Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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