What Would I Post on Social Media?

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It All Starts with One Image

Transcript from the video:

This is your marketing minute from Forward Push. Hey there, I’m Marc Apple and I just got back from two meetings with two separate individuals. Both of them run their own business and our conversations, completely separate, turned to social media, and each of them asked me, “I don’t know what to post. “What would I even think about to take a picture of?” And in the first case, I was meeting with someone that works in people’s homes. An interior designer that takes people’s homes and brings them to a brand new level. A lot of before and a lot of after things are going on. So, I talked to her about going in and taking before pictures, and then following up with an after picture. And going ahead and filming her client giving a testimonial right in front of the work that she does. Three opportunities in one project to post to Instagram or Facebook. The second individual I met with is someone else that goes into people’s homes and finds out what is going on with their homes before they sell. A home inspector. And he was telling me throughout our conversation about all the crazy stuff that he finds in people’s homes. In their attics, dead animals, old Coca-Cola cans that have been rusted out. You never know what he’s going to find, and this is the kind of stuff that we all love to see on social media. I was telling him, it doesn’t have to be every single day, but when he does find those rare things that make us all kind of grimace and giggle, those are the things that he should be posting, too. So, probably, like these two people, you might be asking yourself, “What can I post on social media?” And really the answer is, just take the first picture. If you see something in front of you that you might think is, hey, this is my day to day, nobody cares, go ahead and post it anyways. I guarantee you that someone does care, and after you get used to taking that first picture, you’ll take the second picture, you’ll take the third picture, and before you know it, it’ll become natural to you to go ahead and post on social media. So, there you go. I look forward to seeing what you’re gonna post. Let me know the name of your social profile in a comment below, and I will go ahead and follow you, and I will comment on your first photo. Thanks!]]>