What Were the Best Super Bowl Commercials?

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Top Three Fan Favorites

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This is your marketing minute from Forward Push and the Super Bowl has come and gone. Or as I like to call it, the greatest day in advertising. What commercials did you like best? Well, for me, there were three commercials that I though were really good. The first one was at the beginning of the game, it was the Walmart commercial that featured all the cool cars from TV and movies from the past. I thought it was so great at the end where they had the KITT car and it says “Michael” and the Walmart employee says, “Oh, he calls everyone Michael.” I thought that was just laugh-out-loud hysterical and so true to just if you watched the show Knight Rider, then you immediately got it and it was perfect. Plus just seeing all the other cool cars, Scooby Doo van, et cetera was excellent. My second favorite commercial that I really liked was the Amazon Alexa commercial where it showed all the failed Alexa products. Just classic because now at CES, Amazon and all these other companies debuted that Alexas and some, you know, millions of products and you know, are we getting a little bit out o’ hand? So I thought that was great that they acknowledged that. And the third commercial that I really liked in the Super Bowl yesterday was the first Pepsi one with Steve Carell, where it’s is it OK to order a Pepsi? And that’s where the waitress or the waiter was saying to the person, you know, we don’t have Coke, is it OK? And you know, you hear that everywhere you go, especially in Atlanta, where a restaurant for some reason doesn’t have Coca-Cola and they have Pepsi, they’ll always say to you is, “Is Pepsi OK?” And I thought it was great that Pepsi sort of attacked it head-on, especially in Coca-Cola’s backyard, that yeah, it’s OK to order a Pepsi. So those were the three commercials that I really liked. I’d love to know what you thought either of the game, if football is your thing, or the commercials. Leave a comment below.]]>