What Types of Content Do B2B Professionals Want?

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Webinars Lead the Way, Followed By Videos

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and our good friends over at BrightTALK have just released their latest survey showing that 91% of B2B professionals prefer to watch a webinar to gain insight into their industry and to learn from content marketing.

91% love webinars.

The survey also found that 60% of B2B professionals are out on the internet and searching actively for industry articles. So they’re out there looking for things directly related to the industry they work in.

48% are going onto landing pages, they’re inserting their name and their email, and other information about them, and downloading white papers.

42% are out on the internet reading blog articles that are geared towards what they do and who they service. And the last thing is video marketing.

84% of the people surveyed said that they love to watch videos to stay up-to-date with what’s happening with their industry. So if you’re a B2B professional, are you out there downloading white papers?

Are you reading blog articles, and are you watching videos to better understand what is happening in your business?

If you’re not, everyone else is, and I encourage you to do the same.