What to Expect from Facebook in 2019

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Voiced by Amazon Polly

Earnings Call Recap

Video Transcript:

This is your marketing minute from Forward Push and earlier this week Facebook had its earnings call and Zuckerberg revealed four things that we can expect from Facebook and Instagram in 2019. Here they are. It’s gonna be all about experiences in 2019. Look for enhanced shopping and commerce to happen on both platforms. Look for more messaging options. You’ll be able to talk to your friends and businesses will be able to communicate with you. You’ll be able to communicate with businesses even on a greater platform than we have now with Facebook Messaging. Also, Facebook groups. Look for improvements there and lastly, 2019 from Facebook and Instagram, we can expect Facebook Watch to get even better. I love Facebook Watch. You can go over, see what’s happening live, see videos that people have produced, some longer form content. It really is a great way to enjoy Facebook and also kinda chill out and have that experience maybe you’ve been having on YouTube, on Facebook. So there we go. Those are the things that we can expect. Four things from Facebook and Instagram according to their earnings call.]]>