What is Google’s Mobile First Indexing?

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More Than 1/2 of Your Search Results are from the Mobile Index

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This is your Marketing Minute for Forward Push. Hey, my name’s Marc Apple and Google just announced that over half of the pages shown in the results that you are seeing when you do a search are coming from their mobile-first indexing procedure. Well what does that mean? It means that more than likely the pages that you’re seeing, Google has crawled that site with mobile-first technology. So, one, how does your site look when it’s on a mobile phone? Two, how do you know if your site is being indexed using this mobile-first process? Well, you go into Google Search Console and it will let you know. So two things to learn today. One, Google is now saying that more than half of the sites and results that you’re seeing in a search are coming from their mobile indexing, and two, check out your Google Search Console and see if your site is being indexed mobile-first.]]>