What is Content Creation?

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The 5 Pillars

Transcript from the video:

This is your marketing minute from Forward Push, and somewhere along the line, someone has probably said to you that if you wanna be known on the internet, if you wanna be found on the internet or if you just want to create a splash on the internet, you need to create content. So what exactly is content and what is content creation?

Well, for me there are five things that go under the heading of what is content, and here they are.

One, blog articles. This is probably the cornerstone of content creation is writing blog articles and becoming an authoritative voice in your space.

Two under content creation would be images. When you are writing these blogs and posting them, whether it be on your website or on social media channels, you’ll need to have images to support the article.

So the first two things of content creation, blogs and images.

Number three, video. Video has become more and more powerful. People are expecting it now from every business, and it is the third pillar in content creation.

The fourth thing is email newsletters. While people say that email is dead, I disagree. People are sending emails every single day, and it’s your opportunity to get into someone’s inbox so that they can see your name and your message.

So the first four things of content creation, blogs, images, video, and email newsletter.

And the fifth one is something that you need to do every day, it’s community engagement. It’s getting out there and talking to your customers online, whether that’s in a message board, whether that’s on Reddit, whether that’s on Facebook, or just going out on Instagram, liking other people’s content, and also leaving a comment. So creating a community that you are engaging in where your customers are.

So those are the five pillars of content creation.