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When it comes to searching and Google, what are the top four local businesses that get searched the most? This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and Google has just released their small business search terms for 2019.

There are 4 leading local businesses that are just blowing everything out of the water when it comes to people searching for that type of local business. So this would be searches like XYZ near me, XYZ nearby and that XYZ is the type of business. So here they are, the top 4 most popular local based searches in 2019. Number 1 coffee shops. I certainly can relate to this one. It’s a search that I do all the time when I’m traveling – Help me Google find that coffee shop near me.

Number 2 flower shops. Flower shops is the number 2 most popular local based search on Google so far in 2019 and rounding out the top 4 are print shops and tire shops.

So we’ve got coffee when you need that extra energy, flowers when you need to say I’m sorry or thank you to someone, print shops when you need to get some new business cards or some collateral material printed and then tire shops, just in case you’ve got a flat tire, a nail in your tire or you need new tires, you’re searching for that tire shop nearby.

There you go. Top 4 most popular local based searches for 2019.

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