What Baby Was the Most Searched in 2019?

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One Baby Beat Out The Rest For Most Searched

Transcript from the video:

Baby shark do do do do do do baby shark do do do do AUGGH!

I am so sorry to put that ear warm in your head. But you know what? It was the number two most searched baby in 2019 on Google.

This is Episode 108 of Your Marketing Minute and let’s take a look at all the babies we searched for in 2019.

Coming in at number one, Baby Yoda. Yep, that little guy entered our lives at the end of the year, but ended up being number one on Google’s most search babies of 2019.

Number two Baby Shark do do do. Yep that was the number two most searched baby in 2019. You probably heard people talking about it. You went to Google, you did a search, you watched the video and now you either hate life or your kids love you.

Number three most searched baby. The Royal Baby. That was our number three most search baby in 2019.

Number four, Kim and Kanye had a baby in 2019 and we all wanted to know about it and then number five, Cardi B.

Yes, the Pepsi star, rap and dance phenomenon had a baby, and in 2019 it ranked number five in what we all wanted to know when it came to babies on Google.

This has been Your Marketing Minute. Go have a baby and I’ll talk to you later.

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