What are Google My Business Offers?

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Why You Should Be Doing Them for Your Business

This your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. And if you are using Google My Business, I’ve got some great news for you.

Google My Business is now giving priority to offer post. So if you’ve been posting offers to your Google My Business profile page, you are now going to see those in prominent position. In fact, on mobile they’re even showing above the reviews. So you might be thinking, you know what, my business doesn’t have any offers that we could post. Well, I encourage you to be creative. Like for us at the agency, we have an offer now. This is a free website evaluation. So our post, our offer post, are now receiving priority replacement. So don’t think of it as an offer with 25% off or buy one get one free. I bet you could think of something that you could offer, whether that’s a free evaluation or consultation to make sure that your Google My Business post are getting to the top.]]>