The Best Thing About LinkedIn?

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When They Copy Facebook!

Transcript from the video:

This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. And what is the best thing about LinkedIn? It’s when it copies a successful advertising tool that’s already implemented on Facebook. We just got word that LinkedIn is now going to be offering something called Lookalike Audiences. Now, this has been on Facebook Advertising’s platform for awhile now. And what it means is a Lookalike Audience in Facebook’s cases, you can upload your email database. You could create an audience segment based on people that engage with your post, watch a video, come from your website, any number of things, and then create an audience that’s a lookalike. It’s saying that, hey, if Marc does this, go out and find me other like Marc’s. So in LinkedIn’s case, you’re now going to be able to set up advertising and say, I have a list of CEOs for this type of industry. Go out and find me a Lookalike Audience so that I can reach more CEOs in that particular industry. So this is great news. Facebook has been doing it for awhile. LinkedIn’s now jumping onboard. This makes your advertising more effective, and it’s called a Lookalike Audience.]]>