Summit International Awards Winner

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Social Media Campaign Wins

Transcript from the video:

This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. And, hey, what do I have here? This is our 2018 Summit International Award that we won for marketing effectiveness. We did a campaign, a social media campaign, for our client The Baconer. It was to debut one of their new products. And we used Instagram, Facebook, and their website to create awareness. The campaign included email marketing, it included posting, it included teasing different posts on Facebook and Instagram, getting people excited about what was to come. And at the end of the day, when we did our Instagram Live unveiling of the new product, here are some of the results. They had a 14% increase in website traffic to their website, 18% were new visitors, first time to their website. They saw a 60% increase in page views, and a 41% increase in the amount of time that people were spending on their website. So with our help, Forward Push, we won this award, Best of Show for the Summit International Awards. I wanted to go ahead and thank the team at The Baconer, and, of course, the Forward Push social media team for the great work on this campaign. Really happy we won this award.]]>