Political Ads, Not Just For Facebook!

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LinkedIn and Pinterest Are Starting to See Ads

Transcript from the video:

This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and you might remember that Facebook got into a little bit of trouble during the last presidential election.

And, one of the things that they did to kind of ensure that people knew what was going on in the platform and to create a level of transparency, was created a tab called Ads.

So on any business page, you can now go to, click on Ads and you’ll see what ads that business profile is running. So, Facebook has that sort of covered.

But new research is now showing that other social networks like LinkedIn and Pinterest are also now running a lot of politically motivated ads.

So, LinkedIn is the first one to follow in Facebook’s lead of creating a tab that will let you know what LinkedIn profiles are running ads. Now, it doesn’t have to be just political ads. This is just ads in general.

So, we are starting to see a level of transparency on what is happening on social networks. Go to your favorite page, click ads and see if they’re running any ads.