Organic Social Media Tips For Your Local Business

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Don’t Let Facebook Not Show Your Posts

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This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. I’m Marc Apple, and I hope you are havin’ a great day. Yesterday, an original blog that I wrote was featured on the Local Marketing Institute website. Local Marketing Institute is this amazing site that has a wealth of information for small business owners. If you’re struggling with your social media, how to write content, whatever it may be, Local Marketing Institute is an amazing site to check out. And I was honored that, yesterday, they ran one of my articles that I wrote especially for them on three strategies you can use on Facebook to increase your organic reach. And today, I’m gonna tell you about those three things. So the first thing I encourage every business owner that’s got a page on Facebook is know your competition. I don’t want you to go to their page and start copying what they’re doing, but I do want you to add them to your Pages to Watch. This tells Facebook that you’re watching this page and it will show you basic metrics of your competitor’s page and what’s performing for them. This will give you some insight on what you could be doing on your page. The second strategy to help increase your organic reach on Facebook is, if you’re using Facebook Live, set up an event beforehand. This creates an event so that your audience can know that you’re gonna be going live at a certain date and time. You can jump into the event, you can ask questions. You can ask the audience to give you questions to answer during your live broadcast. This is just another way to get out the word of all this hard work you’re doing on Facebook Live. And the last thing that I tipped off in my article was use great photography. Now certainly, having a photo session can cost you a considerable amount of money, but luckily, we live in a day where you can just go out to the internet. There are some really great sites out there like Unsplash, Burst, Pixabay, that will give you free images that are amazing quality that you can use in your posts. So those are the three tips that ran in my article that came out yesterday on the Local Marketing Institute website. Check out the article, and I hope you have a great day.]]>