My Retail Experience in 2019

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Stop Taking Pictures in My Store

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This is Your Marketing Minute From Forward Push, and I just got back from New Orleans. And I was in a shop and I saw a gift that I thought someone would like. So I started to take a picture of it so I could send it to them, in a text message, so they could tell me if it was something that they would like. And as I took out my camera phone and began to take a picture, a shop clerk came over to me and said, “Hey, there are no photos or videos allowed in this store.” And I turned to the guy and said, “Well, I’m taking it so that I can make a purchase.” And he rudely told me that there were no photos and no videos allowed in the store. And that got me thinking. It’s 2019. I was about ready to put down $100 on a gift, but this gentleman did not want me to take a picture of a very simple, common purse, that you could find in any other store. It’s interesting because if I wanted to price shop, I could have just opened up the web or gone to Amazon and price compared and gone on my way, but this was actually me taking a picture, sending it to someone, and seeing if they wanted to buy it. So this shop lost out on a $100 sale and anything else I was going to buy. I’m interested, those of you that own retail locations, do you enforce this rule? And if so, why? When I asked the guy why, he was enforcing it, he didn’t have an answer for me. Please let me know. Thanks.]]>