Marketers vs Consumers: Social Media

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A Difference of Opinion

Transcript from the video:

This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and I just finished reading this new study from Stackla. They are a content platform based in Australia, and they recently interviewed 1,500 consumers and 150 B2C marketers. And these people were located in the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. And they asked them about brand content and how authentic it is. Here are two points that I took away that I wanted to share with you from this new study. 92% of marketers believe that the content that they put out is authentic to the brands that they’re working for, while a little bit over 1/2, about 51% of consumers said that the content that they see from brands they don’t feel is authentic. So when you are marketing your brand, whether it’s doing videos, posting to social media, or writing blog articles, is the content authentic? And does your audience think that it’s authentic as well? Good questions to think about today. I look forward to hearing your answers, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.]]>