LinkedIn – Now More Like Facebook!

Now You Can Show How You Really Feel with LinkedIn Reactions

Transcript from the video:

This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and you have never noticed how one social media platform just blatantly copies what the other one does when they see the first one getting some success.

We saw this when Facebook stole stories right from Snapchat. Snapchat had it first, they called it Stories and then Facebook just blatantly said, hey we’re gonna do the same thing and we’re gonna call it Stories as well. Well now sorta the same thing is happening over on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is saying we’ve heard your feedback from all of you users that you want to do more than just comment on posts. So now they’ve got reactions. LinkedIn reactions include like, celebrate, love, insightful, and curious.

These just debuted so you’re probably starting to see them in your stream. Head on over to LinkedIn and why not celebrate or mark someone’s post as insightful.