Is There a Right Place to Put Your Instagram Hashtag?

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In the Caption or First Comment?

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and have you ever wondered where you should be placing your hashtags when it comes to Instagram?

You’ll see a lot of people put them in the caption. A lot of people put them in the first comment.

But actually, what’s the difference and if you are doing it to increase your reach, really, what is better?

Well, the team over at SocialInsider studied 650,000 Instagram post, and they found out two things. One, most brands prefer to put their hashtags within the caption. Only a very small percentage of brands, something like 10 of the brands that they looked at, actually used the first comment to put their hashtag.

So the data is certainly a little skewed because not everyone is doing either first comment or caption. There’s not a very good split, but what they did find that on average, you do receive a better reach by putting your hashtags in the caption and not in the first comment. Most likely this is because everyone else is doing it. Users expect to look for it there, and as long as your formatting it properly, I see no harm in putting your hashtags in captions when you are posting for your business on Instagram.

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