Is SEO Right for Your Business?

Is SEO Right for Your Business?

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A Client Asked Me This Today

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This is your marketing minute from Forward Push. Hey there. I’m Marc Apple and I just got back from a meeting with a client. And at this meeting, the client said to me, why should I care about SEO? And it got me thinkin, that it’s probably a question you might have as well. And the answer is that SEO, Search Engine Optimization, finds your customers where they are when they’re searching on line. And it’s important. Recent studies said that 81 percent of consumers conduct an internet search before they make a purchase on line or at a physical location. And think about your own habits. We all do this. You’re interested in buying something. You’re not really sure what’s the best product. You go online, you do your research, you end up on a blog or website and that helps you decide what you want to do. We’re all doing this and it really doesn’t matter if it’s looking for a new restaurant to go to, a new pair of sneakers, or maybe some kind of technology. And when you think about your website, there are really three questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to SEO. And those are, what type of content is popular with your audience? And by audience, I mean your customers. Are your customers gonna be interested in reading blogs, watching videos, looking at info graphics? Maybe they like podcasts. That’s a great question to start with. What kind of content do your customers, your clients, like? Second, when your customers and your perspective customers are searching on line, what terms are they using to help find that information? So, when they go to Google, what are they typing in to help find your business. And lastly, what type of content is ranking with your customers? So, figuring out what is your competition doing, how’s it dong, and should you be doing the same thing? So those are three things to think about when you start your own SEO strategy. And now you know why you should care about SEO.

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