Is Google Removing the URL from Search Results?

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They Are Testing It

Transcript from the video:

When you do a search in Google, you probably have gotten used to what you see in the results. Well, that’s changing. This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and it appears that Google is testing what the search results page looks like.

There have been numerous people saying that they are now seeing results that do not show the website’s URL.

So that’s the web address of the result that you’re going to. So typically you would see the title of the article or the page, a little synopsis, the description of what you are about to go to and then the URL for that listing. That search result, that page, well, Google is testing, removing that URL, which only means that if you are doing content creation and you want people to click on your result, you have to make sure that your title and your descriptions are clickable, making someone click on what you have written.

So this has just been test mode. We’ll see if Google rolls this out across the whole entire platform and I’ll keep you posted when they do.

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