Instagram Tests Profile Updates

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Instagram Changes to Your Profile

Transcript from the video:

Hey there, welcome back from Thanksgiving break. While you were gone, Instagram made changes to our profiles. In fact, you might be one of the lucky ones that has already seen this change take place. And here’s exactly what Instagram said. “Over the next several weeks, you may see features “rearranged at the top of your profile, “including changes to icons, buttons, “the way you navigate between tabs, “which we hope will make profiles easier “and cleaner to use. “The photos and videos you’ve shared “on the grid won’t change.” End quote from Instagram. So here’s what’s happening. Instead of just doing a small test with a random number of users and seeing how it goes, Instagram has put this out in the wild. They’re gonna test it with everyone and do live A/B testing. So I wanna know, are you seeing these changes on your profile? Send me the name of your profile in a comment below. Let me check out your profile and I’ll tell you if I see any of the changes. For instance, my Instagram profile is forwardpush, so if you do a search on Instagram, forwardpush, you’ll see the Forward Push logo. Go ahead and follow. Talk to you tomorrow. This has been the Forward Push Marketing Minute.]]>