How to Identify Anonymous Web Visitors with Visitor ID

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What is Visitor ID?

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This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and today I want to talk to you about VisitorID. What is VisitorID? Well, I just got off the phone with a client and he said to me, Marc, I can see all this traffic coming to my website. I look at my analytics and I see that people are going to my blog, they’re reading the articles, they’re looking at my service page, but I have no clue on who these people are. Who are these users and how can I figure out who they are so I can better my sales process? And I explained to this client that 98% of all visitors to your website will remain anonymous. They don’t fill out a form. They don’t pick up the phone and call you, but you can use something like VisitorID to reverse engineer who’s on your website. VisitorID is this little bit of tracking code that we put on your website that allows you to see what company has been on your website. With that information we also provide email addresses, phone numbers, address. And by having that information, you can tell who’s been on your website and how to target your message to better reach them. It’s a great way to take visitors and convert them into sales. This has been your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. I will see you tomorrow. Thanks.]]>