How To Create A Facebook Avatar

How To Create A Facebook Avatar

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Facebook Releases Their Version of a Bitmoji

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This is Your Marketing Minute and have you ever noticed that people put these little cartoons of themselves when they send you a text message? Or sometimes on Snapchat?

Well, that’s called a Bitmoji and this week Facebook has released their version of a Bitmoji called Avatars.

Avatars are something that you can use on Facebook to put in your post. You can put them in your stories. And if you haven’t set one up yet today, I’m gonna show you how and at the end of the video, I’m going to tell you my opinion on Facebook’s Avatars.

So the first thing to do is take out your mobile phone and in the bottom right corner, go ahead and tap the three horizontal lines.

Now what I want you to do is scroll through your phone to the bottom where it says See More, after you hit See More, you’re going to tap on Avatars. This is the new thing that Facebook has released, where you can make a cartoon version of yourself called an Avatar.

Once you tap Avatar tap Next, then tap Get Started. Now here’s where the fun happens.

You’re now going to create a version of you a cartoon version –  an Avatar – on Facebook. So the first thing Facebook wants you to do is go ahead and pick out your skin color. There’s a variety of options to choose from. It’s a rainbow of colors.

Go ahead and pick the skin tone that’s closest to what you look like in real life. From there, you’re going to start customizing your Avatar. We’ve got everything from face shape, to eyeglasses, to hats, to your lips, to your eyebrows, to the color of your eyes.

You’re creating a brand new version of yourself, a Facebook Avatar. When you’re done, click Next and then click Done.

And now you’ve created an Avatar of yourself. Facebook will give you the opportunity right then and there to share it to your profile and let everyone else see what you look like as a Facebook Avatar.

I did mine over the weekend, and I have to say, meah, I really wasn’t that impressed. I did mine. Had a few Forward Push people do it. I had a few of my friends, and overall, we all kind of feel like a Bitmoji is really a much better cartoon version of yourself.

So now that you know how to make a Facebook Avatar, go ahead and do it and see if you agree. Is it really meah? Or is it something that you want to share and create your cartoon personality on Facebook? This has been Your Marketing Minute – a video and audio podcast from Forward Push. Thanks for listening and I’ll see you soon.


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