How Does Google Do SEO?

How Does Google Do SEO?

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Do These 2 Things to Do SEO Like Google

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This is your marketing minute from Forward Push and we just got some news from Google. From Sean O’Keefe at Google, who told us of the 7000 websites that Google owns it’s a level playing field that anything that happens to the algorithm to your site, to my site, to anyone’s site on the internet, including the 7000 that Google owns is affected by an algorithm change. So what we need to do is now realize that anything that’s happening with the algorithm is also affecting Google. So what does Google do to help ensure that their sites stay ranked higher then everyone else’s? Well every day of those 7000 sites Sean has revealed that Google does about 200 different changes to their websites. And he also told us there were two things that you can do to help you kind of get through all of these different algorithm changes, and make sure that your site continues to rank high. And they are, embrace the change and do small things on your site. So for me I took this as be patient. Go ahead, do small changes on your site and then wait and see what happens. It’s not gonna be automatic, it’s not gonna be a next day thing it’s going to be how much traffic are you driving to that change so you can actually measure it and see what happens. So again Sean O’Keefe at Google has said they’ve got about 7000 sites on the internet that Google owns, there’s about 200 changes they make every day to these sites that can impact their own SEO and he wants us to embrace the change.]]>


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