Facebook and Fake Accounts

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The Social Media Giant is Taking Legal Action

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and have you ever noticed that some Facebook, or Instagram Business Accounts seem to have way too many followers or likes, or anything else that goes on their page that just seems a little bit odd, how could that many people be engaging with their content? Well, as we all know there’s a lot of companies out there that sell fake accounts, fake likes, fake followers, and in the past Facebook and Instagram have simply just banned these companies from the platform. It’s kind of like Whack-a-Mole, they’re always trying to catch them and they successfully do, and they seem to pop up in other places. Well just this week, Facebook has taken another action besides banning, they actually have filed in a legal court to go after four companies and three people based in China for promoting the sale of fake accounts, likes, and followers. This is significant because this is the first time that Facebook has ever taken legal action. So, over the next 12 months, we’ll see what happens with this case and if this actually does stop or hopefully decreases the sale of fake accounts, likes, and followers and makes Facebook a safe place for you to be able to trust businesses and what they are promoting.]]>