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Transcript from the video:

– This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and if you own a small business, how easy are you making it for your prospective clients and customers to book an appointment with you? I’m asking, because a new survey from Keap shows that 36% of clients will refuse to deal with a business, if they don’t make appointment scheduling easy to do. And, we’re talking, like, one or two clicks. Last week I told you about how Facebook and Instagram are now introducing book appointments right online from those platforms. And, certainly, there are a ton of other platforms online that you can install, right onto your website where customers can click, set an appointment, and you receive an alert right away. And, that’s the most important thing. You receive that alert right away, and it’s your job to get back to those customers immediately. You can do this through an automation platform, or have someone on your team that’s alerted right away, when a new appointment comes in, so that they can confirm it with that customer. So, 36% of clients are refusing to deal with service providers that don’t make appointment setting easy. Are you doing it? And if not, I think it’s something that you need to get on right away.