Can You Delete a Facebook Message?

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This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and I almost just made a big mistake. I was sending a Facebook message to a client to let them know some information they had requested and as I hit send, I realized that I didn’t give them everything they needed, but I don’t have to worry about them seeing it. Facebook has just rolled out a way for me to delete a message that is sent within 10 minutes. So, I’ve got a 10 minute window to make sure that that person doesn’t see what I sent them and it’s super easy to do. You can just go ahead, you tap on the message and it allows you to remove it from the conversation. So, if you happen to make a mistake, or you send something that you didn’t really wanna send, now in Facebook Messenger, go in, tap the message and you’ll be able to remove it from the conversation. That is your Facebook marketing tip for the day and I’ll talk to you later.]]>