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The 4 I Like the Best

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This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and I just got back from lunch with one of the agency’s partners. And during lunch we started talking about podcasting, and in particular the agency, Forward Push, we do a monthly podcast for one of our clients. It’s a financial podcast. You are either watching or listening to the Forward Push one right now. And the question came up, what are my favorite podcasts? What do I listen to? So here are my top four podcasts that I can’t do without. In no particular order, number one, Marketing Over Coffee, number two, The Beancast, number three, Digiday, and number four, Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad from the folks at Adweek. Those are the four that I love. The person I was having lunch with told me about a new podcast that they are listening to, and it’s called The Growth Lab from LOCALiQ. So I’m gonna start listening to that one. I’ll let you know what I think. What podcasts are you listening to besides this one from Forward Push?]]>