Are You Posting to Facebook on the Weekend?

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What are the Best Days for Engagement for a Facebook Business Page?

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This is Your Marketing Minute From Forward Push. And yesterday I was telling you about a new report that came out from social analytics firm called Quintly. They analyzed 94,000 Facebook pages and one of the things that came out of the study is something that you might not be doing for your business on Facebook and that’s posting on the weekends. A lot of businesses only post weekdays when they’re kind of working nine to five-ish, right? Like all of us, Monday through Friday, and taking the weekend off. But, Quintly found that businesses that post on the weekend, their posts have a 13% more engagement rate. So, something to think about. Saturday and Sunday? Are you posting when people are free? They’ve got a little more free time. They’re sitting on their couch. They’re scrolling through their Facebook feed and they can engage with your content. Give it a try this coming weekend and see if it works for you.]]>