Are Facebook Likes Going Away?

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They Are Testing It Right Now

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and do you remember a couple months ago where I told you about Instagram was testing out hiding Likes from certain post.

There is this thing going around where people don’t feel so great about themselves if they’re always comparing them to others, based on the number of Likes someone’s posts, get so Instagram is being proactive in 7 countries. Now they’ve removed where you have the ability to see how many Likes a photo gets.

As the owner, you are able to see that, but it’s not public anymore on these post in these 7 different countries. And word just came out that now Facebook is also prototyping hiding the number of Likes that your post get.

Currently they’re just testing this in the Android app. Facebook has confirmed that they are testing it, but there is certainly no word yet if we are going to see this come out at all, how widespread it will be or if it will go even beyond the 7 countries that it’s available on Instagram and the U. S. is not one of those countries.

So question. If Facebook or Instagram did get rid of the Likes, would you find yourself sharing more because your photos wouldn’t be judged by others with double taps or thumbs up?

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