Are Amazon Search Results Fixed?

The Wall Street Journal Says Yes

Transcript from the video:

Have you noticed that the results you’re seeing in your Amazon search are slightly skewed? Well, they could be. This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and this week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon has adjusted their search algorithm so that their brands and brands and products that have a higher profit margin are showing closer to the top, if not at the top.

And when this report came out, Amazon quickly tweeted that it was false and not true. Although The Wall Street Journal is reporting that unnamed sources, including engineers from Amazon, said that they thought this idea was bad and did not work in favor of treating the customer right and Amazon’s own lawyers said that they did not think that doing something like messing with the algorithm to bring more high profit items to the top would actually go over well when it came to anti-trust concerns.

So the Wall Street Journal is reporting one thing. Amazon saying another. What are you seeing in your Amazon feed?