5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Social Media

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These are The Ones to Avoid

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As a small business owner have you ever posted something to Facebook or Instagram or any of the other social media channels and wondered if you just made a mistake?

Well, you’re not alone.

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and today I wanted to talk about the 5 common social media mistakes that small business owners make. And this is a list that comes from Revamp CRM, and it lines up perfectly with what we see here at Forward Push.

The first thing is acting without a plan. Small business owners that just post whatever they want and really don’t understand what they’re going to do next or what they’ve done before, that makes a difference because they don’t have a plan.

Secondly, thinking size matters. Small business owners that are always worried about how many Likes they got, how many Followers do they have, instead of putting out great quality content, they’re worried about quantity. And, like I said, that could be about Followers and Likes, but it could also be about how many post did you put out.

So it really is thinking that size does not matter.

Third, spreading yourself too thin. How many business owners do, you know that are running around trying to grow their company and do it all themselves, and don’t have any partnerships in place where they can really do some effective marketing.

Fourth, ignoring the competition. Sure, you don’t need to be every day on your competitors website, on their social media channels and copying what they do and dwelling over what you see them doing and thinking, Oh, it’s a success. I might as well do that, too.

This actually goes back to the first point about having a plan, so don’t ignore your competition, but that doesn’t mean copy your competition. And the last thing is not looking in the mirror. Taking a hard look at what you’re doing and seeing if it’s working or having a professional take a look at what you’re doing and seeing if it’s working. But sometimes you do have to step away, take a look in the mirror and see what’s actually happening.

Those were the 5 common mistakes that small business owners make when they’re doing their own social media. This has been Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. Thanks for listening.

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