4 Ways to Promote Your Business Online

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Transcript from the video:

How are you promoting your business online? This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. And today I want to talk to you about four ways that you can promote your business online.

First off, make sure that your website is mobile optimized, seems pretty obvious in 2019, but I can tell you that I still run across websites that don’t look good on a phone. Really hard to promote your business if no one can see it, when we are all living on these tiny devices in our pockets and in our purse and we’re searching for what you do!

Second way to make sure you’re promoting your business online properly focus on SEO, but you don’t need to get so technical. You just need to make sure that you’re putting out the proper content of what your users, your customers and your clients are looking for. If you want to dive deeper into SEO than hire a professional that does it day in and day out to help you.

Number three activate social media channels. Yep, if you’re gonna promote your business online, it’s not only about your website, it’s also about being active on social media, so find the channel where your customers and clients are. It might not be your favorite channel, but that’s where they’re hanging out and go in and participate in the conversation.

And lastly, you’re gonna have to put some advertising behind the social media posts that you are generating. As we’ve said before, Facebook is certainly becoming and is a paper play platform. Instagram is gonna follow right behind it, and most of the other social media channels will allow you to advertise to get in front of your audience.

So those are four ways to promote your business online. This has been Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push for more information about what we do go to ForwardPush.com.